Lab hike in Topanga State Park, August 2019

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jyotirmoy Mandal
Ph.D., Columbia University
Schmidt Science Fellow

Jyoti is a postdoctoral researcher and a Schmidt Science Fellow. His interests include disordered metamaterials, radiative cooling, energy conversion, optics and biomimetics. As a researcher, his focus is on combining inherent and structural properties of materials for novel and inexpensive optical applications.

Graduate Students

Jin Xu
B.S, M.S., Xi’an Jiaotong University

Jin is a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Materials Science and Engineering department. Her current research directions include studying the impact of tunable emissivity materials, controlling the spectral and angular emissivity of thermal radiation, and investigating complex nanophotonic systems through a range of numerical, theoretical and experimental techniques.

John Brewer
B.S., Optical Sciences and Engineering, University of Arizona
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, NRT-INFEWS Trainee

John is a third year Ph.D. student in the Materials Science and Engineering department. He is interested in topics including optical meta-materials, non-hermitian optics, and energy conservation. His current research investigates how optical meta-materials can be used to create sensing and imaging devices in the infrared wavelengths.

Chris Yeung
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, UC Irvine
M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA

Chris is a third year Ph.D. student in the Materials Science and Engineering department. Previously, Chris was a Product Manager at MSC Software where he worked with customers such as Siemens, Ford, Caterpillar, and Boeing to develop their materials data management systems. He is interested in advancing the intersection of materials science and machine learning. His current research pursues the design of novel nanophotonic structures through artificial intelligence and physics-driven computational methods.

Xin Huang
B.S., Materials Chemistry, Zhengzhou University
M.S., Materials Science, University of Rochester

Xin is a third year Ph.D. student in the Materials Science and Engineering department. He is examining new means of controlling thermal systems with photonics and its application for energy and water conservation.

Ju-Ming Tsai
B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University

Ju-Ming is a Master’s student in the Materials Science and Engineering. His current research investigates implementing new machine learning algorithms for the design of nanophotonic structures.

Undergraduate Students

David Ho
B.S., Materials Engineering, UCLA

David is a recently-graduated undergraduate student at UCLA in the Materials Science & Engineering department. His interests include how machine learning can be implemented towards making novel nanophotonic structures and metalenses.

Julia Liang
Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA

Julia is a rising third year undergraduate student in the Materials Science and Engineering department. She is interested in the intersection of engineering disciplines. She is currently involved in research investigating the design of nanophotonic structures using AI and machine learning. 

Join us!

If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact Prof. Raman with a CV and a brief description of your background and interests.

Lab Alumni

Yusaku Kawagoe (Visiting M.S. student, Nagoya University, JUACEP program)

Bin Zhao (Visiting Ph.D. student, USTC)

Bhaskar Abhiraman (Penn Undergraduate, VIPER program)

Mohamed Elshabrawishy (Penn Undergraduate, VIPER program)

Baran Kayim (Penn Undergraduate, PURM Award)

Sergio Roman (Penn Undergraduate, PURM Award)

Angela Yang (Penn Undergraduate, VIPER Program)

Team photo, Summer 2018